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Central City Scale can help improve your efficiency as a beef producer with an accurate and economical cattle scale.

Portable Animal Scale

Features & Benefits

  • Fully retractable wheels
  • Wood plank floor
  • 30,000 lb weigh bars
  • Avery Weigh-Tronix 640 indicator
  • Dual gates
  • Steel I-beam frame
  • Complete with hitch bar, power cords and racks


Portable Animal Scale    


Cow in Scale

3 x 8 Livestock Scale

640 Indicator
Model 640









Features & Benefits

  • 8' X 10' and 8' X 16' decks constructed of 4" H-beam running length of scale and across center. 
  • 4" channel iron used on ends. 4" channel is stood on end, running across for support.
  • Weigh Bar and bracket assembly bolt directly to concrete pad.
  • Deck is constructed using 2" X 12" treated lumber, 8' wide.
  • Deck is 9" off ground.
  • Chain links attached on ends for easy loading.
  • Deck dimensions can be altered upon customer request.
  • 5'4" high side panels.
  • 6'8" tall end gate bows.
  • 20" high solid panels around base.
  • Panels constructed of 1 1/2" 14 gauge square tubing.
  • 7' standard opening. Panel & gate dimensions can be altered upon request.
  • Livestock Scales available with Model 640 Indicator.




The 640 indicator gives simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing for TMR mixers, grain carts, livestock scales, feed bins, and weight carts and many more applications.

  • 1.1" backlit alpha-numeric LCD display.
  • Zero key zeros the scale, Print key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module.
  • Gross/Net allows viewing of both gross and net weights. Tare key useful for temporary zeroing of the scale.
  • Easily selectable levels of motion filtering for mixer or livestock applications to settle the weight display readings.
  • Auto LOC wight features for livestock weighing.
  • Tracks 100 memory accumulators: individual and total accumulations and averages of each memory channel. (Ex: Yields, Livestock, Ingredient Usage, etc.)
  • HOLD weight feature for mobile OEM equipment.
  • Optional lower connector options, can plug weigh bars directly into indicator.
  • Optional RS-232 serial port, with battery backed time and date with multiple printouts available for printer or TDM system.
  • Optional interface to RD40 series remote displays, including the RD40RF wireless remote display.

Chute Scale

Chute Weigh System

Click image for larger view.


Chute Scales

  • Manual or hydraulic squeeze chute can easily be converted to a working livestock scale.
  • 5,000 or 10,000 lb. capacity weigh bar systems for cattle working chutes are designed to handle the heavier shock vibration of cattle.
  • Scale kits are available in three different styles to match your specific installation needs. Two bar Chute Weigh, four bar round universal, and four bar square systems.

Chute Scale 2

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single ended weigh bar

Round Universal Weigh Bar

Square Weigh Bar

Square Universal Weigh Bar

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Large weight capacity—5,000 or 10,000 lb. gross weighing capacity (2500/5000lb per weigh bar).
  • Low profile—Less than 3.50 inches tall.
  • Heavy-duty construction—Super heavy duty steel chassis construction.
  • Easy mounting—Mounting under manual or hydraulic livestock squeeze chutes.
  • Weigh bar cables—Tough polyurethane weigh bar cables, 20ft long.
  • Weatherproof construction—Aerospace-developed sealing agent provides ultimate protection against moisture and ensures long term durability in harsh agricultural environment.
  • Extreme Temperatures—Operates from -20 degrees to 140 degrees F.
  • Herd management—Weight indicator is compatible with various herd management EID software packages.






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