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When time and efficiency count the most, a Grain Cart Scale system is the perfect field hand.

Grain Carts in the Field During the rush of harvest, every minute and every bushel counts. That’s where a grain cart scale from Central City Scale can make a real difference. With a typical accuracy of ½ of 1%, our grain cart scales allow in-the-field weighing of crops for maximum grain truck loads, checks on crop yields, and an easy way to calibrate yield monitors.
Grain Cart Best of all, our scales can be customized to your particular grain cart—even older models not designed for scales! And, if you’d prefer to do your own installation, we also offer retro-fit kits. When time and load volume can mean everything to your year, you can count on a grain cart scale from Central City Scale, Inc.


Grain Cart Kit

Features & Benefits

  • Typical accuracy is ½ of 1%.
  • Load grain trucks up to the legal limit.
  • Allows checking crop yields on the fly.
  • Can be used to calibrate yield monitors.
Central City Scale Indicators  

Model 640M Indicator








The simple, compact Model 640M indicator fits neatly inside the cab and has grain cart functions built in.

  • Accumulate and store harvest totals for 100 fields.
  • Unique alphanumeric names can be used to identify each field in reports and data records.
  • Print individual load amounts with field name, and time.
  • Export data to a PC with the optional TDM memory device.
  • 1.1" Backlit alpha numeric display.
  • Standard reports for single or all fields, including field names, # of accumulations, and totals.

Options used with 640M

  • Tape printer.
  • TDM-40. Transfer Data Module.
  • Remote displays: RD40 (1.1"), RD40XL (2.0"), RD40RF (1.1" Wireless).
Brecknell CP130 Printer


  • RS-232
  • Windows® Driver
  • Compact—5.25" L x 3.75" W
  • Configurable Baud 150-57600
  • 9-36 Volt DC or A/C
  • ABS Plastic

Transfer Data Module TDM-40 and Transfer Data Software

  • Easy storage and transfer of data between scale and PC.
  • 1,600 lines of data with up to 40 characters each (64K memory).
  • Compatible with any laptop or desktop computer (Windows based).
  • Simple PC program to upload scale data.
  • Memory module protected by weatherproof enclosure.
  • No batteries to replace.



Model 3060 Touchscreen Indicator



Field Foreman Video

Field Foreman Screen Shots




Model 3060 Touchscreen with Field Foreman Software

The advanced M3060 Indicator features a touchscreen interface for full control of the Field Foreman grain cart software. This unique software program has powerful data collection and export capabilities specifically tailored to grain cart applications.

Field Foreman Software Features:

  • Simple entry of field, grain type, hybrid, delivery truck and location data.
  • Track and save all field data, haret notes and delivery information.
  • Stay within road restricitons by entering empty and full weights of each delivery truck. The Field Foreman software will indicate when the truck is full.
  • Track how much each delivery truck hauls over a complete harvest season.
  • Record storage loacation inventories by tracking how much grain is delivered.
  • Automatic auger shutoff - based off the max weight for a delivery truck (depending on cart model).
  • Create reports: on screen, printed, or exported via USB.
  • Interface to optional Field Linx software for your PC to import and export all data for easy reporting.

Model 3060 Features:

  • 7" touchscreen TFT color LCD Display.
  • USB port, for thumb drive or external keyboard.
  • Wireless 802.11 data connectivity.
  • Windows CE.NET® Platform.
  • Multiple RS 232 serial ports for options including printers, moisture sensors and remote displays.


Digi-Star Auto Log Indicator

Operational Benefits:

  • A large multi-line display can show the last record, what is currently being loaded and can provide paperless printer capability.
  • USB port to transfer data to flash drive, also know as "thumb drive".
  • Time and date stamp data for verification for insurance records or custom harvesting purposes.
  • Accumlation of weights of per field entry.
  • Bi-directional field names from PC to indicator via USB.
  • No need to remember to push start/stop button when unloading your car. With the use of a magnetic switch and new software, its done automatically . . . no matter who is operating your grain cart.


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