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Need an inexpensive weighing solution? Meet the WeighBar®!

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You understand the need for having accurate scales on your farm
or in your manufacturing operation, but the high cost of scales may have kept you guessing.

Central City Scale, Inc. has the perfect solution—you can build your own! We supply the Weigh Bars and indicator and you turn them into the scale of your choice. The Weigh Bars connect directly to the indicator, which operates off a 12 volt DC power source.

Check out the information below for your specific needs then Contact Central City Scale, Inc. to order your Scale Kit.

Cake Feeder CC-30-3 3 Point 4 Wheel Grinder-Mixer
Hay Scale Platform Universal Bin/Hopper Animal



The WeighBar®, and How it Works.

Weigh Bar Image Avery Weigh-Tronix pioneered electronic farm and industry scale technology with the introduction of the Weigh Bar more than 40 years ago. Since that time, the WeighBar has proven to be the most reliable and long-lived electronic weight sensor in the industry. It is virtually unaffected by wear, every day jolts, weather and other normal environmental hazards.

Weigh Bar


The WeighBar is fixed at one end and flexes under an applied load. Strain gauges on the bar transform this physical change into voltage variations. A digital indicator translates these variations into highly precise weight readings. The WeighBar doesn't rely on perfect installation to be accurate, and is not in need of constant tweaking in order to perform. The self-correcting design of the WeighBar cancels out distortions so only the vertically applied load is measured.



WeighBar® Scale and Retrofit Kits

Cake Feeder Scale

Cake Feeder

A compact readout on the new Multi-Purpose Scale from Central City Scale can be bolted to the dash of a pickup cab. The multipurpose, 5,000-lb. scale system runs on 12v DC or 110v AC power. The load cells act as bolt-on feet to fit under the four corners of the unit, deck or platform. The scale system could be used in cattle-working chutes or at livestock platforms.

S-200 Model Indicator

S-200/TI-500 Digital Indicator

Features & Specifications

  • ABS NEMA 12 enclosure with stainless steel swivel mounting bracket.
  • Full duplex RS-232 Serial Port.
  • Full front panel calibration.
  • Operates on AC adapter or DC power cable.
  • 0.6", six digit backlit LCD display.
  • Indicator dimensions—3.2" x 6.8" x 2.3"

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.

Feed Truck with Load Cell

CC-30-3 Weigh Block Compression Load Cell

Weatherized for all types of climates, Avery Weigh-Tronix CC-30-3 compression load cells are used on truck mounted feed boxes and feed wagons. Place the load cells between the box and the running gear frame and you are ready to weigh feed. Cables running from the load cells attach to an indicator situated inside or outside the cab.


For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.


Grain Cart Kit

Three-point Scales

Three-point scales are your ticket to making a portable scale.  You can install your own scale using an existing portable grinder mixer, grain, or hog cart.

A standard two-wheel axle scale kit consists of one hitch WeighBar and two axle WeighBars.  The indicator comes as a separate unit and has a mounting bracket that attaches to any surface.  Systems are available in capacities from 10,000 to 100,000 lbs.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.


Four Wheel Scale System

The Weigh-Tronix four-point system permits the weighing of boxes, tanks, or other bodies mounted on four-wheel running gear. The WeighBars are placed between the box or other type of load container and the running gear-frame. The cables attach to an indicator situated at a spot most convenient to the operator. Remote display available with all indicators.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.


Truck Platform Scale

WeighBar® Truck Scales

An on-farm or in-plant  truck scale will save you money in several ways.  You can verify incoming delivery weights, pre-check load weights going out to the elevator, or check grain yields to compare the performance of different seeds, fields or fertilizers.  Plus, you'll no longer have to worry about picking up a traffic ticket for an overloaded truck.

A truck scale WeighBar kit consists of four or eight WeighBars with cables and brackets.  (Indicators sold separately). Additional construction materials can be purchased locally. A full checklist of materials needed to build your own economical farm or plant weighing system is available at your request.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.


Universal Scale Kit

Universal Scale Kits

Update your old conventional scale with new electronics. Order our plans for standard sizes. Indicators, power supplies, sensors and mounting brackets to fit your specs are also available.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.


Bin/Hopper Scales

WeighBar Bin/Hopper Scales

Central City Scale offers Avery Weigh-Tronix bin/hopper scales that let you weigh dry and liquid materials right in the containers. No more hauling loads from storage to a scale!

The system is easy to install.  Just set the WeighBars under the legs, level, then bolt down and plug in the connecting cables to one of several Avery Weigh-Tronix weight  indicators. You can also interface your batching systems to computers for a total data management system.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.


Small Animal Platform Scales

Animal & Platform Scales

Building your own scale allows you the flexibility to design it to fit your situation best.

You can turn an existing pen into a livestock scale simply by bolting four WeighBars under it and connecting them to an indicator. Your livestock scale can be large enough for a group of animals or it can be built for a single animal.  You can put in an alleyway or a loading area. Selectable motion filtering is available in Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators so you don't have to worry about livestock moving around on the scale.

A platform scale is one of the easiest scales to build.  You can build a low capacity platform scale for weighing carts of feed or a higher capacity scale for weighing wagons or single axles.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.

Grinder Mixer


Central City Scale's knowledgeable and experienced staff can fit virtually any make or model of Grinder-Mixer, regardless of age, with an accurate scale system. This helps the producer to keep track of product used and input costs in the feeding program.

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.

Fertilizer Scale

Fertilizer Spreader Scale

For further information Contact Central City Scale, Inc.



640 IndicatorModel 640

The 640/640XL indicator gives simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing for TMR mixers, grain carts, livestock scales, feed bins, and weight carts and many more applications.

  • 1.1" backlit alpha-numeric LCD display.
  • Zero key zeros the scale, Print key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module.
  • Gross/Net allows viewing of both gross and net weights. Tare key useful for temporary zeroing of the scale.
  • Easily selectable levels of motion filtering for mixer or livestock applications to settle the weight display readings.
  • Auto LOC wight features for livestock weighing.
  • Tracks 100 memory accumulators: individual and total accumulations and averages of each memory channel. (Ex: Yields, Livestock, Ingredient Usage, etc.)
  • HOLD weight feature for mobile OEM equipment.
  • Optional lower connector options, can plug weigh bars directly into indicator.
  • Optional RS-232 serial port, with battery backed time and date with multiple printouts available for printer or TDM system.
  • Optional interface to RD40 series remote displays, including the RD40RF wireless remote display.

Indicator 640XL

Model 640XL
The 640XL has the same standard features as the 640, but comes with a 2.0" backlit display for easy reading from truck or tractor cab.

Indicator Model 1040 XL

Model 1040XL

Optional indicators, Models 1040 & 1040XL, available for total feed management.

  • Alpha-Numeric keypad and display allows spelling of recipes, ingredients, pens, etc.
  • Large 2" LCD display with backlit is always easy to read, even from loader.
  • Batching mode that automatically adjusts to maintain ration balance after first ingredient is loaded.
  • Bidirectional Transfer Data System simplifies process of exchanging information between scale and PC (TDM-40/TDS-1040).
  • AutoMix provides consistent blending with programmed timer with optional speed sensor input.
  • Expanded memory to store recipes, ingredients, batch records, pen feedings.

Indicator Model 2040 XL

Model 2040XL

The 2040 includes all of the features of the 1040 and adds the following unique capabilities:

  • Interfaces to optional Feed Supervisor® software package for ultimate control of dry matter intakes, inventories, shrink, operator performance and other feed related costs.
  • Convenient data transfer between indicator and Feed Supervisor using Transfer Data Module (TDM) or wireless RF communications.
  • Feeding flexibility allowing operator to change head counts, number of feedings per day, feeding sequence, and target amounts at the indicator if needed.
  • Ability to record and monitor "Clean Up" or refusal.
  • Viewing of daily "Amount Fed" to each pen.
  • Can be used as stand alone batching indicator, and incorporate Feed Supervisor interface as operation expands.
  • Model 1040 can be easily upgraded to Model 2040.
  • Start and stop times recorded for each individual ingredient and pen transaction.
  • The 2040XL's large display readout with 2" digits makes long-distance viewing easier.

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