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Input Solution Indicators

NT 460


Recordkeeping for nutrient land application

AutoLog - Automatische Start/Stop-Funktion

AutoLog - Automatic Start/Stop Function

Indicator displays actual tons/acre

View and react to tons/acre setpoint by speeding up or slowing down

View and change the 26 character alphanumeric data field

Transfer accumulated data to a flash memory device via USB-Port

GT 400

Measure crop yields

Utilize a convenient Start Stop button

Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage

Have a FIELD button that allows for alphaneumeric data label

Be able to keep your road loads legal weight

Have symbols on keys for easy training

Be able to order with serial port to be configured to send data to DDL or printer

Save time by weighing in the field vs. hauling to a platform scale


Scale Link is Specially Designed to Eliminate Cab Clutter:

Scale Link is the future! Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display

Communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays

For use with all brands of equipment

Scale Link Control Option:

View scale information on implement

Allow user  control of scale functions from implement

Can be used with or without Virtual Terminal in Cab

Scale Link ECU:

SL-100, SL-200, and SL-300 Series

Weatherproof to ensure years of reliability

Contains scale electronics and connections

Easy connection and mounting options (EZ Mate, USB available on Touch Screen, Terminal Block and Strain Relief)

Transmits weight information in Serial, CAN or ISOBUS format

Use as a stand-alone scale with optional Scale Link control and power source


Scale Link Virtual Terminal (VT) Display:

User interface possible with existing hardware

Connectivity to different brands of virtual terminals

All implement manufacturers to utilize weight information in their system programming


Scale Link and Scale Link ISOBUS Communication:

ISOBUS is inter-connectivity between different manufacturers

Manufacturer-spanning interoperability between implement and tractor

Use of a single input/output terminal (VT) for all implements