Retro-Fit Scale Kits

You understand the need for having accurate scales on your farm 
or in your manufacturing operation, but the high cost of scales may have kept you guessing.


Central City Scale, Inc. has the perfect solution—you can build your own! We supply the Weigh Bars and indicator and you turn them into the scale of your choice. The Weigh Bars connect directly to the indicator, which operates off a 12 volt DC power source.

  • 640 Indicator
    640 Indicator

    1.1" backlit alpha-numeric LCD display.
    Zero key zeros the scale, Print key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module.
    Gross/Net allows viewing of both gross and net weights. Tare key useful for temporary zeroing of the scale.
    Easily selectable levels of motion filtering for mixer or livestock applications to settle the weight display readings.
    Auto LOC wight features for livestock weighing.
    Tracks 100 memory accumulators: individual and total accumulations and averages of each memory channel. (Ex: Yields, Livestock, Ingredient Usage, etc.)
    HOLD weight feature for mobile OEM equipment.
    Optional lower connector options, can plug weigh bars directly into indicator.
    Optional RS-232 serial port, with battery backed time and date with multiple printouts available for printer or TDM system.
    Optional interface to RD40 series remote displays, including the RD40RF wireless remote display.

  • 640 XL
    640 XL

    The 640XL has the same standard features as the 640, but comes with a 2.0" backlit display for easy reading from truck or tractor cab.

  • 915 Indicator
    915 Indicator

    Simple net weighing can be performed by selecting a tare using push-button tare or one of the 100 tare registers, and then placing the loaded container or vehicle on the scale. The indicator automatically calculates net weight and can send data to a printer, PC or memory module.
    100 tare registers can be preset and recalled by pressing 0 through 99 on the keypad.
    Split axle weighing of large trucks can be performed on small platform scales. The indicator accumulates weight data for each axle as it is weighed. Values can be automatically sent to a printer, PC or memory module.
    Optional single or multiple function remote control units are available. These units can zero, tare or change the weighing mode without a trip to the indicator.

  • Agrimatics Libra
    Agrimatics Libra

    iOS and Android based application that can be used for many different scale weigh purposes. Available for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store. Cloud capable storage, easy to calibrate, and operator friendly.