Since our inception in 1974, Central City Scale has experienced changes and evolution in agricultural technology. Changing and adapting the way we think about our weighing solutions has allowed us to continue to achieve our most important goal—serving you, the customer. From the beginning, Central City Scale has built its reputation and family business on high quality agricultural scale fabrication and repair.

Having serviced scales on farms for over 40 years, we know what your needs are.

The family-owned scale manufacturer with world-class capabilities, midwestern values, and midwestern advantages.

Central City Scale, Inc. is owned and operated by Ron Hawthorne and his three sons, Tom, Scott, and Dave. Together they have more than 80 years in the scale business.


Our location in the heartland of rural America affords numerous advantages to our customers. 

The strong work ethic and pride of workmanship long associated with the midwest allows us to produce some of the finest scales in the world at a reasonable cost.
Our centralized location offers shipping advantages by placing us squarely between the coasts and in the heart of the surface transportation system.
We have easy access to trucking companies and rail shipping, and are close to arterial rail centers and U.S. Interstate 80.