Grain Cart Scales

General purpose Indicator.

When time and efficiency count the most, a Grain Cart Scale system is the perfect field hand.

During the rush of harvest, every minute and every bushel counts. That’s where a grain cart scale from Central City Scale can make a real difference. With a typical accuracy of ½ of 1%, our grain cart scales allow in-the-field weighing of crops for maximum grain truck loads, checks on crop yields, and an easy way to calibrate yield monitors.

Best of all, our scales can be customized to your particular grain cart—even older models not designed for scales! And, if you’d prefer to do your own installation, we also offer retro-fit kits. When time and load volume can mean everything to your year, you can count on a grain cart scale from Central City Scale, Inc.

  • Typical accuracy is ½ of 1%.
  • Load grain trucks up to the legal limit.
  • Allows checking crop yields on the fly.
  • Can be used to calibrate yield monitors.