Input Solution Indicators

NT 460
  • Recordkeeping for nutrient land application
  • AutoLog – Automatische Start/Stop-Funktion
  • AutoLog – Automatic Start/Stop Function
  • Indicator displays actual tons/acre
  • View and react to tons/acre setpoint by speeding up or slowing down
  • View and change the 26 character alphanumeric data field
  • Transfer accumulated data to a flash memory device via USB-Port
GT 400
  • Measure crop yields
  • Utilize a convenient Start Stop button
  • Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage
  • Have a FIELD button that allows for alphaneumeric data label
  • Be able to keep your road loads legal weight
  • Have symbols on keys for easy training
  • Be able to order with serial port to be configured to send data to DDL or printer
  • Save time by weighing in the field vs. hauling to a platform scale

Scale Link is Specially Designed to Eliminate Cab Clutter:

  • Scale Link is the future! Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display
  • Communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays
  • For use with all brands of equipment

Scale Link Control Option:

  • View scale information on implement
  • Allow user  control of scale functions from implement
  • Can be used with or without Virtual Terminal in Cab

Scale Link ECU:

  • SL-100, SL-200, and SL-300 Series
  • Weatherproof to ensure years of reliability
  • Contains scale electronics and connections
  • Easy connection and mounting options (EZ Mate, USB available on Touch Screen, Terminal Block and Strain Relief)
  • Transmits weight information in Serial, CAN or ISOBUS format
  • Use as a stand-alone scale with optional Scale Link control and power source

Scale Link Virtual Terminal (VT) Display:

  • User interface possible with existing hardware
  • Connectivity to different brands of virtual terminals
  • All implement manufacturers to utilize weight information in their system programming

Scale Link and Scale Link ISOBUS Communication:

  • ISOBUS is inter-connectivity between different manufacturers
  • Manufacturer-spanning interoperability between implement and tractor
  • Use of a single input/output terminal (VT) for all implements