Agrimatics Libra Cart FAQ

This system is compatible with the iPhone 5 or newer and the iPad 4 or newer, including the iPad mini. The cloud service, Agrimatics Aero, is currently only compatible with the iOS devices listed above.
Yes, Libra Cart connects to your grain cart load cells and uses your compatible smartphone or tablet instead of your existing indicator. Depending on your preference, the device can be mounted directly to your grain cart, but we recommend it in the tractor cab to protect it from moisture.
Yes, Libra Cart is compatible with any industry-standard load cells. Depending on the brand of your load cells, you will need either a 4-pin connector or a 5-pin connector adapter.
No, in the case of battery use, the system is battery-operated and wireless. Yes, if you use the power cable in the cab, you must run the junction box cable into the cab.
The Libra Cart device operates on a 12-volt battery cable, or 3.6V AA lithium battery, or 1.5V AA battery. If using the 3.6V AA or 1.5 AA battery, the design is very power efficient; we recommend replacing the battery once before each harvest. To purchase a replacement battery, contact us!

No, the system does NOT require cellular coverage. It will collect harvest data whether or not your mobile device is connected to the Internet. Once you do have coverage, you can then share your harvest data.

Yes, the app operates properly in the background, and will continue to collect harvest data. This way, you can take phone calls or use other apps with no interruption to your data. However, we recommend leaving the app in the foreground as much as possible.

Yes, you can connect standard Bluetooth devices while being connected to the Libra device.

No, this system does not require a USB transfer. You can easily share and view your harvest data through email or through the optional cloud service, Agrimatics Aero, using your mobile device’s Internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular.