Retro-Fit Scale Kits

You understand the need for having accurate scales on your farms or in your manufacturing operation, but the high cost of scales may have kept you guessing.

Central City Scale, Inc. has the perfect solution-you can build your own! We supply the Weigh Bars and Indicator that can be converted over to your scale of choice. The Weigh Bars connect directly to the indicator, which operates off a 12 VDC power source.

WeighBar® Truck Scales

Central City Scale offers several indicators with varying degrees of sophistication, price and features.

All models are water and dust resistant, have been thoroughly tested in the harshest farm environments, and carry a three-year warranty. An optional RS-232 serial port for interfacing with printers or computers is also available on all models. Choose the indicator that best fits your application. Not all features are listed here — literature is available for each indicator with complete features and specifications.

The 640/640XL indicator gives simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing for TMR mixers, grain carts, livestock scales, feed bins, and weight carts and many more applications.

Truck Scale

An on-farm or in-plant truck scale will save you money in several ways. You can verify incoming delivery weights, pre-check load weights going out to the elevator, or check grain yields to compare the performance of different seeds, fields or fertilizers. You will no longer have to worry about picking up a traffic ticket for an overloaded truck.

A truck scale WeighBar kit consists of four or eight WeighBars with cables and brackets. (Indicators sold separately ). Additional construction materials can be purchased locally. A full checklist of materials needed own economical farm or plant weighing system is available at your request.

Universal Kit

Update your old conventional scale with new electronics. Order our plans for standard sizes. Indicators, power supplies, sensors and mounting brackets to fit your specs are also available.

WeighBar Bin/Hopper Scales

Central City Scale offers Avery Weigh-Tronix bin/hopper scales that let you weigh dry and liquid materials right in the containers. No more hauling loads from storage to a scale!

The system is easy to install. Just set the WeighBars under the legs, level, then bolt down and plug in the connecting cables to one of several Avery Weigh-Tronix weight indicators. You can also interface your batching systems to computers for a total data management system.