Grinder Mixer Scales

Weigh Bars

These electronic weight sensors are the heart of our scale system. They are so structurally strong they fully support and become a part of any equipment on which they are installed- so that the equipment itself becomes a scale. Weigh bars have no moving parts, yet sense weight accurately and send electronic signals to the indicator for you to read. While weighing on a level surface is recommended for mobile equipment, the unique design of the weigh bars permits weighing loads that are not level.

3-Point Systems

Designed for equipment with two wheels and a hitch such as grinder/mixers, mixer/feeders, walk-on cattle trailers, etc. Weigh bars are supplied built into each axle and hitch, thereby making the equipment a mobile scale.

ROI Benefits

One of the most useful and economical tools now available for the livestock industry is our electronic scale for feed mixing equipment. It can actually pay for itself in feed saved and in better livestock performance, and it’s one of the most inexpensive production tools made for the farm. 

Built-In Convenience 

Our electronic scale makes ration preparation easy because it’s built right into the mixer- the mixer itself becomes a scale. You put ingredients in by weight rather than by volume or guesswork. It’s that easy!

Reliable, Durable 

  • Our scales are built for rugged farm use to give you reliable performance in any season. Check these features:
  • Totally electronic with space-age electronics
  • Economical to own and maintain
  • Weigh with electronic speed
  • Weather & shock resistant
  • Accurate to ¼%

5 ways YOU can save with our Electronic Scale 

  1. End costly waste of feed ingredients by weighing them into the mixer. End ration guesswork
  2. Make valuable feed go further when you blend accurately balanced rations that promote better consumption and daily gains.
  3. Buy supplements and premixes in bulk for economy, then weigh amount you need into each ration accurately with the scale.
  4. Weigh feed out to lots or pens to help you check consumption, gains and efficiency. Helps you spot problems before they become serious.
  5. Keeps you on top of your total feeding operation every day for the most profitable results.