Feed Ration Management

Ration Management weighing systems for TMR mixers used in feeding beef cattle or dairy cows are available in a wide range of scale systems. Offering the simple low cost scales to the more sophisticated ration formulation models, to the ultimate ration management solutions with interfaces to several Feed Management software packages.

Libra TMR App

Libra TMR is the newest and best in ration weighing and data management. Its tablet-based design delivers a smart and simple way to build and manage your rations, pens, and feed groups. Know the exact weight of ingredients going into the mixer, and track what has been fed to each pen, providing useful information and features at your fingertips!

640 Indicator

The Model 640 is a general purpose indicator which provides simple, yet accurate and reliable weighing used on mixers, grain carts (grain chasers), livestock scales, feed bins, weigh carts and many more applications.

Simple Operation – ZERO key zeros the scale, PRINT key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module (TDM-40)

Gross/Tare/Net – G/N key allows viewing of either gross or net weights. TARE key is useful for temporary “zeroing” of the scale

Motion Filtering – Enhanced dual “harmonizer” filtering settles down weight display for easy viewing. Ideal for filtering excess motion on mixers and livestock applications

Memory Accumulators – 100 six-character alpha-numeric accumulator channels. Useful in identifying fields, seed type, livestock groups or amounts of recipes batched and or fed

RD 40/RF

The RD40RF provides convenient viewing of the scale from a remote location without a wired connection. The RD40RF communicates with the scale indicator via radio frequency. Ideal for mounting in the cab of a front loader in feed mixing applications.

RD 40/XL

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a selection of remote displays for added convenience when a weight needs to be viewed from a location at some distance from the indicator. These remote displays are available in a variety of digit sizes and all feature a fiber-optic backlight for easy viewing under any light conditions. They are powered by the indicator and well protected against the environment with a rugged polycarbonate housing. The remote displays can be easily mounted in a cab, on an implement, on the wall or on the side-view mirror of a truck.

Also available is a transmitter/receiver package that allows the remote display to be zeroed by using a wireless, hand-held transmitter. Make your feed batching system or platform scale more efficient by adding a remote display.

Weigh-Tronix XLR 8/12

The XLR-8 & XLR-12 remote displays feature bright red LEDs to clearly show scale data in any lighting condition. The RS-232 interface and auto-learn feature make connecting to an indicator or other serial device a snap. Rugged steel enclosure is specifically designed for multiple agricultural applications.

Highly Visible – High brightness, high resolution LEDs and a large 3.5 inch alphanumeric matrix display (4.5 inch overall, including bar graph) provide clear viewing of weight readings and messages

Reduced Glare – Automatic dimming uses a light sensor to dim the display at night or in dark areas and is set to maximum intensity for viewing in sunlight. The polarized lens further improves visibility during daylight hours by reducing glare

RS-232 Interface – Connect to any product with a serial interface including all indicators from Avery Weigh-Tronix or other manufacturers with an RS-232 port and PCs

Plug and Play – “Auto-learn” feature facilitates installation by automatically detecting the baud rate and broadcast string; no manual configuration needed

Weigh-Tronix XLR 6

The XLR-6 remote display features bright red LEDs to clearly show scale data in any lighting condition and at extreme viewing angles. The RS-232 interface allows instant connectivity between an indicator or other serial device. Rugged steel enclosure is specifically designed for the toughest agricultural environment. Robust, common sense design provides long life and easy serviceability of individual components.

Highly Visible – High brightness, high resolution LEDs and a large 2 inch (51 mm) alphanumeric matrix display (4.5 inches (114 mm) overall, including bar graph), provide clear viewing of weight readings and messages

Reduced Glare – The tinted anti-reflective lens further improves visibility during daylight hours by reducing glare.

RS-232 Interface – Connect to any product with a serial interface including PCs, all Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators or other manufacturer indicators with an RS-232 port

Detailed Messaging – Whether a simple weight reading or a detailed message, the 8 character XLR-6 model keeps your message easy-to-read

Transmitter / Receiver – Advance through ingredients during batching or perform a standard key function on Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators

Full Width Bar Graph – Get an easy visual reference during loading or unloading with a bar graph that spans the width of the display

EZ 2810

  • Large 1.7″ (43mm) white backlit COG is even easier to read than the EZ 2500 V
  • Preset Weight function provides improved accuracy and management of loading and unloading
  • Internal “alarm light & horn” alert operator of approaching target preset weights
  • Rotation Counter / Timer, a Digi-Star exclusive, significantly aids in controlling mix time & processing
  • Machine Hour Meter records total operating time & Maintenance Message for service reminder functions (when used with Rotation Counter)
  • Optional: Remote & Serial exclusive ports, Internal & External wireless communication, External alarm

EZ 3410

  • The EZ 3410 is part of the Digi-Star 10 series indicators releasing in 2016. It replaces the the EZ 3400VL. All of the new 10 series indicators come with a faster micro processor and the easy to read white back light. The EZ 3410 allows you to:
  • Build a number of recipes for multiple pens
  • Utilize basic recipe and batching capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for feed sheets
  • Enter rations by three different methods
    1. Amount per animal
    2. Percent per load
    3. Amount per load
  • Move the cursor logically through setup screens and menus
  • Simply edit existing recipes or add new recipes/rations
  • Toggling capability allows user to change modes (Net/Gross/Load/Unload)
  • Access a definable Ingredient Name Table
  • User can choose from 1 ingredient with 98 pens to 98 ingredients for 1 pen, with any combination in between

EZ 3610

The TMR 3610 is part of the new 10 series indicators being released by Digi-Star in 2016. With a new microprocessor and a new display the 10-Series Indicators offer unique and useful features including:

  • Easy to read white backlight
  • Enhanced Rotation Counter & hour meter funtionality
  • Software updates via USB
  • Program rations at your PC or from the front panel of your indicator
  • Compatible with TMR Tracker® Feed Management Software and third-party bunk read programs
  • Internal “alarm light and horn” alerts operator of approaching target weights
  • Make “pen call weights” or “head count” changes at the indicator
  • Keeps up-to-date feed changes or reuse data from day-to-day
  • Help messages in 10 languages
  • Large or standard single-line alpha numeric backlit LCD
  • Load and feed as prompted by the indicator – no feed sheets or calculations to struggle with
  • Choose how you want to feed: predetermined loads, or you pick the recipe and pens to feed
  • Supports USB data transfer options
  • Supports wireless radio features of RF DataLink and Cab Control
  • External light and horn optional

Digi-Star EZ 4600V

Bi-directional data transfer for total feed management via USB or RF DataLink™. Designed for Cattle Feeding efficiency

  • New – Program rations at your PC or from the front panel of your indicator
  • Customizable to accommodate your feeding style
  • Easy-to-read 3-line display provides complete feeding information
  • Compatible with TMR Tracker® Feed Management Software and third-party bunk read programs
  • Navigational pad for quick selecting of ingredients, rations and pens
  • Legal for trade
  • Large 84 character alpha-numeric backlit LCD
  • Easy-to-read action line with three additional lines for status or list viewing
  • Navigational pad for quick selecting from Recipe, Ingredient or Pen lists
  • Increase productivity with additional loading and feeding status information
  • Ability to add pen list from keypad
  • Unload partial call-weights to pens with remaining amount still selectable
  • Live gross weight and rotation counter monitor
  • Choose how you want to feed: load-by-load, predetermined load, or you pick the recipe and pens to feed
  • Scrolling Help messages in multi-language formats
  • Interface information with feeding software and bunk reading programs
  • Supports USB data transfer option
  • Supports wireless radio features of RF DataLink and Cab Control
  • Expandable memory to store 8 times the pen data vs. standard memory size

Digi-Star CC 400

  • Internationally certified 2.4 GHz Transceiver
  • Internal 2.4GHz antenna
  • Up to 90 m [295 ft] transmission range*
  • Wireless Ingredient Controller

Compression Cells

The CC-30/50 compression load cell is a popular solution for today’s higher capacity weighing applications. With 30k or 50k lb. of capacity and 99.9% accuracy, the CC-30/50 provides plenty of value without sacrificing quality, accuracy or dependability. A primary application for the CC-30/50 is truck-mounted TMR mixers, but the possibilities don’t end there. Contact us today for assistance with your application. Avery Weigh-Tronix has a solution waiting for you.

  • Capacity – 30,000/50,000 lb (13,608/22680 kg)
  • Accuracy – ±0.10%
  • Full Scale Output – CC-30: 2.13 or 3 mv/V; CC-50: 2.50 mv/V
  • Warranty – 3 years

Weigh-Tronix Universal 30K Capacity Kit

We offer a Universal Kit that is designed for multiple applications including feed weighing.

Digi-Star RD 2500V

  • Large 1.7″ LCD display with alarm light
  • Bright LCD backlight for dark or inclement conditions
  • Impact resistant window protects LCD

Digi-Star RD 440

  • Clear 1″ LCD display with alarm light
  • Unique compact size
  • Compatible with all Digi-Star indicators

Digi-Star TST 7600 with TMR Tracker

The TST 7600 is a full featured mixer scale indicator that allows producers to make adjustments scale side and records the data for use in TMR Tracker.

The TST 7600 has a resistive screen, which is responsive to touch even when gloves are worn, along with clear graphics and intuitive buttons which will make training new feeders easier. The TST 7600 works in conjunction with any of the Digi-Star indicators or ScaleLink and is compatible with most of Digi-Star’s wireless communication systems. The TST 7600 is available from Digi-Star’s extensive network of feed mixer manufacturers.

Digi-Star External Radio Modem ERM WiFi

  • Designed to communicate and provide data transmission with a growing portfolio of Digi-Star smartphone and tablet applications and hardware systems.
  • Works with Digi-Star Cab Control App for feed mixer and Grain Tracker App for grain cart weighing systems
  • Internationally certified 2.4 GHz transceiver
  • External adjustable dipole antenna
  • Range – Varies, dependent on device app is running on and Country
  • 0.5 m (1.6 ft) cable length with serial connector (J905)
  • Illuminated data center utilizing LED light pipes
  • Indicator must have software version 8J or newer installed

Digi-Star Feed Remote App

IOS app for remote weight viewing.