Which mobile devices are compatible?

Apple devices running iOS 10 or newer.

Does this replace my existing scale indicator?

Yes, Libra TMR connects to your mixer load cells and uses your own compatible smartphone or tablet in place of your existing indicator. The device can be mounted directly to your mixer or in the tractor cab, depending on your preference.

Does Libra TMR work with my existing load cells?

Yes, Libra TMR is compatible with any industry-standard load cells.

Do I need cellular coverage for this system to operate?

No, The system does NOT require cellular coverage. It will collect data whether or not your mobile device is connected to the Internet. Once you do have coverage, you can then share your data.

Can my mobile device be connected to other Bluetooth devices, like a headset?

Yes, you can connect standard Bluetooth devices while being connected to our Libra device.

Do I need a USB drive or a printer to share data from your system?

No, the system does not require a USB transfer. You can easily share and view your data through email using your mobile device’s Internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular.